Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Picture Short Story

Goal: Take a picture and tell the story behind it. (And No, not the actual story. That I don't know.)

Today's picture and story.

Logan cupped his hands in front of his face and blew. The heat from his lungs warmed his fingers before becoming tiny shards of ice.

"No one should have to be this cold," he said to his older brother Tyson.

Tyson wrapped Logan in his arms, sharing his winter coat. "It won't last forever. Someone will come."

Involuntary shivers soon turned to tremors, as the two brothers huddled together for warmth. They had survived for two days without food and shelter, and Logan doubted they would make it a third night. All the survival skills known to man couldn't help you if your only shelter stood lone and tall and had prickly needles on all sides. The boys had managed to cut sections of the cactus for food and water, but it offered little more.

"Why would they leave us out here?" Logan asked, although he knew Tyson had no answers.

"Maybe they didn't know. Maybe they thought we'd find our way back. Maybe..." he sighed. "Maybe they wanted us dead."

"Please don't say that. She loves us. She does," Logan insisted when Tyson rolled his eyes. "They'll come back. You'll see Ty. They'll come back for us. Mom's never let one of her boyfriends leave us behind for long."