Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Buy a Book!

Snow flutters in the breeze trying to decide if it wants to stick to anything. Chill seeps in through the windows.
I’m ready for Spring!
But I give the cold one point of good. I have no desire to go outside and so I write.
I’m always trying to look for silver linings to dark clouds, and so even with losing over six chapters of edits Sunday, I’ve found one. The new edits are better, and I found a few things I’d missed before.
Now, of course, I will email myself every night, regardless of how tired I am. Lesson learned.
I’ve also enjoyed other great writing blogs and have learned much there. The publishing world is in turmoil, go figure, along with the rest of the world, but I do not despair. I have faith in books. I love books and buy them as often as I can, just ask my husband.  And I know many out there how share my love of the written word.
So do something good today. Go buy a book. Paper or ebook. Just spread the love that way.

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