Thursday, February 11, 2010

Excerpt from Strange World

Thunderous horns and people hollering echoed around Lexi as she stumbled along the walkway. Flashing signs and steel buildings pressed ominously against her spirit. She did not understand what life-force sustained this planet, Earth. Concrete and steel could not breathe. The humans had to receive oxygen from somewhere. The processes on this planet were similar to those on her own, carbon dioxide and oxygen exchanged through plants. But there were no plants here.

A bell jingled and caught Lexi’s attention. The window to a building had cut flowers and small plants in bowls behind it, but that could only maintain the people behind the glass. What kept the people on the street alive?

“Hey! Watch it!” a husky voice yelled as a hand grabbed her arm.

Lexi looked into the Greater’s odd eyes and smiled. How peculiar—they stayed the same color, no matter his emotion. She tilted her head and studied his features. Hair, the color of straw, blew around on his head. Dull grey eyes stared back at her. A tuft of hair touched his bottom lip, but the rest of his face was hairless.