Sunday, February 8, 2009

I Need HELP!

Okay, every night I email myself my revisions of my MS. Except last night. I accidentally saved an earlier copy over my latest one from last night today. Can I undo it?
I've lost 6 chapters of edits from yesterday.
Please, someone tell me I can fix this! And how!


Kathryn Lilley said...

Hi Sarah, try searching for the exact chapter name you overwrote in Start> Search> For Files or Folders, and look in the highest level directories (C: drive) you can, to make sure some copy isn't lurking anywhere. Sometimes I find things that way. Also check Help to see if you have a Recycle bin you can check.
Also from now on, when you save files every day, add the date to the file name so that each file has a unique timestamp so that you don't overwrite your files. I've learned the hard way too! So for example it might be filename020809 Hope you can find it! Kathryn

Sarah Jensen said...

Checked the recycling bin, not there. I'll try the other thing real quick
Have found some older files, but not the one i need.
let me try that, and thank you!
and I'll add the date too. That's smart!
Thanks a ton!

slhastings said...


Agh! That would kill me. My problem is that I keep so many drafts, sometimes I get confused. One day, I edited the wrong draft.

Sarah Jensen said...

That was what happened. I save an old draft over the new one. :(
but i'm all good now. Redid it.

~Jamie said...

Remind me to show you the microsoft groove synchronization tool...