Friday, February 20, 2009

Inspiration through song

My sis in law and I did an exercise this morning, writing from a line of lyrics. Here's the line and what I wrote.
Anyone Is welcome to take the pictures or songs and write their own stories in the comments. I'd love to hear what you pick up from each.

the lyrics are by Breaking Benjamin. The song, Rain.

Take a photograph,
It'll be the last,
Not a dollar or a crowd could ever keep me here.

Jason sat on his bed and stared at the picture of Callie in her emerald green velvet Victorian prom dress. Her hair in purple and blue spikes, her eyes outlined in black. Goth prom girl. That’s what she’d called herself.

He let out a heavy sigh. What was he supposed to do now? Get up and go to school? Act as if nothing had happened?

How could he? No one would ever let him forget. Would they? He’d never let himself forget. Her last words formed in a scream. “Jason! Watch out!”

He hadn’t been able to believe his luck, when his best friend since third grade, and the girl he had secretly crushed on since eighth, had asked to go to Senior prom with him.

“Come on, Jas. You have to go with me. Why would I want to share this with anyone else,” Callie had said.

“I don’t dance.”

She’d punched his arm and said, “Pretend. Gah, Jas. You’re good at pretending. Can’t you, just for one night, pretend I’m a girl and not your best friend. Can’t you pretend that you like me?”

Jason’s face broke into the dorkiest grin he had ever smiled. “Oh, yeah. I can pretend I like you.”

But now, the fantasy had shattered.

Callie was gone.

The drunk driver had swerved into their lane, but Jason’s attention was on his date. He hadn’t even seen the rusted Ford F-150.

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