Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Picture Short Story

Goal: Take a picture and tell the story behind it. (And No, not the actual story. That I don't know.)

Today's picture and story.


Aree crept closer to the men gathered in the woods. She knew their secrets, their thoughts, their desires--everything anyone would ever want to know about Micia, Arwin, and Sirus.

"The ring is nearly complete," Arwin said, as he clasped arms with his companions.

Micia stood two hands taller than the other men, and held the most power. His head fell forward, in an almost reverent bow. Had Aree not known better, she would have sworn his prayer went to the God of Death. But his thoughts gave him away.

Dear God of Plenty, the turmoil I have fallen into is great. I need thy guidance to show me the way out. How do I defeat these two men without destroying their good families?

Love swelled in Aree's heart as she listened to her brother cry out for help. He had loved Arwin and Sirus like brothers, and they had betrayed the village, and all who loved them. If the sixth ring of fire completed its rotation, the waters of Favon would dry up and their village would be forced to move.

Micia, I am here, Aree whispered in his mind. I have the words.

Without a movement, Micia responded, send them to me.

Waters of life, bind fires of death.

Thank you, Aree.

Aree repeated the words in her mind, as Micia said them in his. Just as the last ring should have reached completion, a hand of water rose from the great lake and swiped it into oblivion.

Arwin cried out in anguish. He had failed. Aree knew that this would cost him his life. The pact he had made with Queen Lavina demanded the destruction of the village of Valuor, or of Arwin.

It is done. Our role is finished. We must leave them. Queen Lavina will poison their blood through her magic. We can not stay nearby, Aree told her brother. We must keep them here.

Micia prayed again, Dear God of Plenty, keep my fallen friends so they will not harm others, and have mercy on their souls.


Liz said...

Wow!! I can't believe you wrote this! Is this the start of something...?

Sarah Jensen said...

Probably. I really like it. It'll prob be the middle or end of something though. :)