Thursday, January 22, 2009

Literal or Figurative

In writing, if you find phrases like, my eyes were glued to the boy, do you take them literal or figurative? We know the author didn't mean that the girl took her eyes out and glued them to the boy. We all understand that she's simply staring. But does that make the writing poor?

Tell me what you think.

And go here for the full discussion. :)


Damyanti said...

In my mind, figurative is ok, as long as it has its place in the scene. It is not poor writing.

It does become poor writing if over-used, however. :)

slhastings said...

I agree with Damyanti. I prefer stared, glared, eyes boring through, a gaze that doesn't falter, stuff like that.

Good luck on your querying process! I also think it's awesome you're hosting the re-crits for the Secret Agent writers. Unfortunately, I wasn't ready for the last round, but intend on doing it this time...if YA is involved.

Sarah Jensen said...

Funny thing is, when I went through my ms looking for all the eyes doing something not possible, I was shocked at how many there were. I'm changing a lot of them. But leaving my favs. :)
And thanks both of ya loverly ladies. :)
Come comment on the others post for me. K?