Monday, January 12, 2009


There's a great post on revising your work that I wanted to share. To read it in full, go here.
A few key points are:

The right side of our brain, the creative side, is hard to control and therefore our work needs revising. Often many times.

Does the piece have energy or bore you?
Does it feel true?
Is there logic in the story?
How much info are you giving?
How many sentences and words don't need to be there?
Slow opening? False ending?
Are you head hopping and how's the dialogue?
Showing or Telling?
Are the pictures in your mind as vivid on the paper?
Put some time in between edits or read overs.

Okay, this is a very loose translation. I'd really encourage you to read the post.

And happy editing. We're all on the journey to become better writers, right?

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raballard said...

I love it, I am so right brained.