Friday, January 23, 2009

Here's hoping some dreams don't come true...

Excerpt from my novel LEGEND OF THE PROTECTORS.

My lungs tightened as I wheezed. Snarls echoed all around me. I pushed myself to keep running. The growls were closing in and my legs protested against moving any more. Still, I ran.
Out of nowhere, something swooped over my head, bee-lining to the animals behind me. As fast as possible, I scaled a tree. Didn’t even care if I ever got down again. Once settled, I notice wolves had chased me. Lots of them. At least twenty. What the hell? Wolves? In Oklahoma?
On another pass, I realized the swooshing creature that had saved my butt was a bald eagle. And a massive one at that. I’d never seen anything so majestic. So beautiful. It landed on the branch next to me. And when it turned into Officer Andrew, I fell off the branch backward.

And yeah, it's a dream. And no, not opening the book. :)


slhastings said...

Great voice, Sarah! I was captivated!

Sarah Jensen said...

Thank you.