Saturday, January 3, 2009

Updated Legend of the Protectors

Okay, I'm a dorkfish when it comes to computers. I can't figure out how to edit my Legend post, even though I did it not too long ago. But if you'd like to read the updated chapter one, you can here. Because, I can't do it on this blog. Sorry to all y'all that can do this sort of thing. Bear with me. :)


raballard said...

I am the king of dorkdom.. I know nothing about computers.
I didn't have the correct change when the technology bus came along, so I couldn't get on.

PS I seldom get comments on my blog, not that my blog is a grand as yours. So I am paying it foraward. I love your sense of homor. Keep it up

OK I will leave ya alone now

raballard said...
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raballard said...

ooppps I commetented twice, see I am the king of Dorkdom