Friday, October 2, 2009

Pimping Contest

Heehee, nope, not that kind of contest. I'm pimping for a friend. She is a brilliant writer and you should check out the contest she's in.

Here's the details, which you can also read about here.

The finalists are chosen via outside voting... there are over a hundred entries... though the entries are short, that is a LOT of entries. We, my friend Tes and I, figure, she need to get some peeps there to vote for her, of course...

So! Go here: click on the entries. she's number 29!

Read the entry and if you have something nice to say :) go back to the front page and click on the voting button and VOTE FOR TES :D

Did I say number 29? I did. Okay, that's # 29 :)

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