Monday, December 28, 2009

Just a Kiss

Cóir’s breath caught. Her heart leapt as Seth’s fingers shimmered up her arm. Closing her eyes, she took in the heady smell of pine, lavender, and man.

“Open your eyes.” Seth’s lips brushed the corner of Cóir’s lips. “Look at me.”

Without hesitation, she obeyed, staring into the cool steel-blue eyes.

One strong hand slid down her back, fingers spayed, and tugged her closer as the other fisted in her hair. Everything she’d learned over the years insisted she stop the intrusion. Run, her instincts prompted. But her body ached to close around him and give herself into the promise of pleasure.

“Kiss me,” Seth whispered.

As if under a spell, Cóir snaked her arms over his shoulders and around his neck, bringing his mouth to hers. Eyes open, she watched his eyes darken as she parted her lips and traced the tip of her tongue over his teeth.

(Exert from a WIP)