Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Birthday Bash

So August 8th is Legend's Birthday. The day I started writing.

I had turned 35 three days earlier, yep, today's my b-day, and a story that had to be written popped in my head. I grabbed paper and a pen and started writing.

The story has grown a lot in the last two years, and many more stories have come to me, but it all started with a girl being chased by wolves in her dreams and monsters who looked like us and ate human livers. And then there was the hot Officer Andrew.

So, as a birthday present to myself and Legend, I'm going to query a couple of agents, work on my new novel, and then go out with my family to see Aliens in the Attic.



Joyce Wolfley said...

I didn't know today was your birthday! Happy birthday!!!

Sarah Jensen said...

Thank you :)

Heather said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you had a great birthday & that someone picks up your book soon!

glnroz said...

happy b'day,
Let everyone know how to get a copy when they are available. glenn