Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tuesday's Storybook Picture

Wizard of Oz?

Silence of the Lamb?

Or Mayberry?

What does this inspire in you?


Anonymous said...

i was wondering where this post was gonna show up.
i'm about to head to bed, but i'll most definitely write a story tomorrow!!

xx -e*

Sarah Jensen said...

A whisper of promise floated through the air before the piercing scream broke the spell and woke me. No one had come. The flashing red light had embedded into my brain, pounding behind my closed eyes, even blinking in the background of my sleep. I crawled off the urine soaked bed and sunk into the cold, concrete corner. Waiting.

My stomach had long since given up growling. Cotton tasting of bile filled my mouth and throat. If only I hadn’t fought him that last time. Why did I have to make him angry?

He took back the bucket he’d given me for a bathroom when I scratched his face. But it had been a moment of weakness. My body couldn’t handle what he was doing to me anymore that day.

How long has it been since he were here? How much longer do I have to suffer before God mercifully takes me from this life? And why hasn’t Talmage found me?

Liz said...

I smell it. It’s coming.

Fast. Maybe too fast.

The thunder gurgled in the humid air. Thick like the muddy water of the pond.

My nose twitched again, guiding me through the tall summer grass. My ears laid back against my head as I ran, darting this way and that. Tawny legs stretched out before me and hit the ground without a noise.


I stopped suddenly and rested on my hind legs. The long ears pricked up in search for their sound.

There. The small cries of the babies.

We’d found a perfect home in the old human shed. Warm and dry, it provided the main necessities for a family of rabbits.

My ears instinctively flattened when the drops fell, dotting my fur with dark wet spots. I surged forward, racing the rain when the sky lit up. And then the thunder cracked again.

As I weaved in and out of the grass a new smell hit my nostrils.


Cammie said...

thanks for stopping by on my SITS day....it does sound like we may be twins seperated at birth....

Lynnette Labelle said...

Hey, can you send me a copy of your character sheet? Sanks.

Lynnette Labelle