Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I will Miss You

This morning I found out that a dear friend, Nathan Sellers, was killed in a car accident last night. His brother, Jared, is in critical but stable condition.

So instead of a regular post, I’m going to tell you about 22 year-old, Nate.

I lay in bed, on bed rest by the doctor, since my little boy kept insisting on coming early. He’d decided at 28 weeks that he didn’t like his home in my womb, and tried his hardest to free himself of his cocoon.

My husband, John, is a truck driver and was on the road a lot. My three other children needed someone to take care of them. Granted, my two sisters, Laura and Becca, lived with me, but Laura was also pregnant with her second little boy and her husband was in Iraq. Becca was in high school and played volleyball and had school. Needless to say, we made quite the household.

Nate took care of us. This high school senior took my kids to school. Pick them up when they needed to go anywhere. He even went to their school performances. He bought me ice cream at 9 at night. He even rubbed mine and Laura’s swollen feet on occasion.

He was my brother.

His family became my family.

I’m at a loss right now.

I love you Nate.


Joyce Wolfley said...

Wow Sarah. I am so sorry.

beth said...

I'm very sorry for your loss.